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“One-and-done is a term that was first used to describe college basketball players who only play one-year of NCAA basketball before moving onto the NBA.”

It has also been used by couples who have been married for an extended period and when ask was it love at first sight, they would say for them: It was one and done.

A few days after Easter Sunday I sat down with a group of young people and some of the staff at Grace Place School, during a one-hour reflections class on the meaning of Easter. I ask the question: How many of you attended church on Easter Sunday? A sample of the class and teachers suggested about 75% had attended church on that Sunday. I then asked how many were regular church goers on Sunday mornings? The number then decreases to about 45%. These numbers were a mirror image of what most churches had experience on this past Eastern Sunday. A tremendous increase in attendance, and then a large drop in that attendance during the rest of the year on Sunday morning.

“The best estimates suggest that more than half of the nation's adults and their children, at least 120 million people, will attend an Easter service Sunday. Interviews with pastors indicate that a 50 percent to 100 percent jump in Easter attendance is not uncommon.”

More people come to church on Easter Sunday than any other day. Easter Sunday can be looked at as the Super bowl of Sunday morning worship.

Leading up to the super bowl there is a tremendous buzz around the qualifying games leading up to the championship game. Those games thou not at the level of the super bowl are talked about, and attendance is always sold out. It is not a 1 and done in attendance.

If one look at Easter Sunday one could easily ask the questions why is there a drop in attendance for the other 51 Sundays? Are Christians 1 and done? There are 52 Sundays in a Non-leap year. If you are in are in a relationship, and the Pearson only speak to you once, or acknowledge you, or call you once per year how would you feel? Would you think they love you? Would you think you are a priority in their lives? Would you think they are listening to anything you say? Would you think they are using you? Would you think this is a one-sided relationship? Etc. most Growing and productive relationship are a two-way street. Or is the exception to that rule is our relationship with Christ?

“Where your treasure is, where your heart is.” One can identify where a person heart it often by just watching them and see what they invest their time, talent, and treasure. Now I understand that one can be in a relationship and show love in many ways. But I am sure you will show that love more than once. It has been said it is not what you say but what you do. Love is an action word. Let’s look what God did:

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (Niv)

This is the ultimate opposite of 1 and done. This is putting skin in the game of life. It models and challenge us to honor this God who love us so much and gave us so much. Is it not worth more than just one Sunday of celebration? You may say well I celebrate in my own way. But it is not about you and I, it is about God.

Let’s go deeper. Young people in their innocence often will give the most honest answer when they see that you are coming from a good place and have their best interest at heart. Easter was fresh in their minds, and I proceed to ask a few questions about Easter Sunday. Why did you go to church on Easter Sunday? here were some of the answers see if you recognize yourself in these answers at one time in your life:

“It is a tradition in my family, we always go to my grandmothers church.”

“Take away the guilt. “

“I do it to please my mother, don’t have to be bother again.”

“Don’t see God from a relational position.”

“Don’t think he cares when I come.”

“Feel more welcome on Easter, anybody can come on that day.”

“People don’t look at you funny how you dress on that day.”

“Went back on Easter to my Church and everybody wanted to talk to me, asking me where I have been.”

“Church is not necessary, but good for the soul.”

“I don’t mind going on one Sunday, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my personal life.”

The super bowl is one of the most celebrated event in our country. Easter Sunday is one of the most celebrated event in the world. I don’t know about you as a reader, but I plan on going to heaven, and I am sure and hope all of you that are reading this article have that as your end game plan. Now I just believe that everyday in heaven will be a Easter celebration Sunday. We are just in the rehearsal here on earth in this form. That was Jesus’s plan after the resurrection. “I go to prepare a place for you so where I am you may be also.”

When you are in a relationship with Christ it is the most beautiful thing you will experience, you will want to go to church on Sundays, you will want to pray, you will want to read his love language (the bible). You will have a champion you can depend on to fight your battle. You will want your family and friends to experience the same feeling you are having. You are sometime the only bible that people will see, read and hear. The closer you draw to him, renewal, resurrection, new life, you will radiate his image, but It will take more than 1 Sunday out of 52. Are you a 1 and doner?

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