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A Time Out Q and A with GOD || by Pastor Newton Fairweather

Have you ever had a timeout conversation (1 0n 1) with your parents or that teacher, or even that mentor? I want you to imagine if you had an opportunity to have such a conversation with God, what would you ask him?

Recently I was doing a study on the questions that God asked in the old testament records. As I ponder each question and place myself in the position of that person that God was speaking to, I wonder to myself how it might feel actually speaking to God in person. Think about a Moses situation. Yes, I know we pray all the time, yet sometimes that is more of a monologue versus a dialog. Think about this?

As I examined some of the questions that God asked and the outcome of those questions I began to realize that the questions were not intended to put God at ease but to reassure the person being questioned that God has a plan. It seems that each question was intended for an audience of one and that one was the person he was talking to. Let me give you a quick example.

In Job 38 – 40 we see a long discourse between Job and GOD in timeout. This conversation shows us a father that says to the child, you need to think about who you are speaking with. It shows a father who does not have to engage in a conversation but chooses to have one in order to help better the understanding of the child.

What is another take away from this timeout conversation between Job and God that we can apply to our current reality? Job would like to know what he has done wrong in order to change his situation, But GOD never declares his guilt or innocence, but rather he changes the subject from Job inability to change the situation to GOD ability in the world that Job was living in.

Like Job some of us may want to just ask GOD to spank us and get it over with and move on. But GOD does not work like that. He is a GOD of timing. “He has made everything perfect in its own time.”

In Chapter Job 42. We find a contrite Job. One who is more willing to hear what GOD has to say. Is it not like us that after a little while in timeout we behave better and act better? We tend to be more willing to lessen to our parents and those timeout memories are edged in our hearts and they become lifelong guard rails in our journey of life.

If you read the end of Job's story, he is restored and rewarded in his life. Everything he lost the lord gave it back to him. His ending chapters in every aspect of life were greater than his beginning chapters. Timeouts will go a long way in helping us to have a greater understanding of what our heavenly father is up to in each of our current situations. “A tree cannot survive without its roots.”

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