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  • Newton Fairweather

BAPTISM: Witnessing the joy of the Lord in real time

One of two things Jesus instructed his disciples to do was: “Sacrament of the Holy communion. When ever you do this do this is remembrance of me.” The other was to “Go make disciples of all nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the name of the Son, and the name of the Holy Spirit.” I have always thought this was a strange request. He could have done it himself if he wanted to. When Jesus is baptized, God shows up in all him glory, and send a dozen roses in the form of a dove with the message; “this is my beloved Son whom I am well please.” I can only conclude that the practice of baptism pleases GOD. Tell me who does not like to please GOD? So many of us try to please others and ignore our heavenly father. Not only does baptism pleases God, we get to experience the glory of God in real time. Baptism is so many things to the believers, but it shows God that we want to please him, and like his son Jesus, we want God to say when we are baptize: “this is my son/daughter in whom I am well please.”

I strongly believe pleasing God is always He is always on the job watching us. It was not the alarm clock that woke you up this morning. Moring by morning new blessings we receive. Count your blessing name them one by one.

Put some action behind your words, let us come together on July 31, 2022 @7am for Sunrise Baptism. There is something about early in the morning.

Please see flyer for all necessary information.

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