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  • Newton Fairweather

When is Jesus coming back

Newton Fairweather

Faith and Joy Church

Recently I was in a bible study by zoom. A question was raise, and it went like this: “Seeing that there is a war going on currently, do you think that Jesus is on the way back, and how can we pray that the war can end?” The question struck a nerve in the bible study, with several answers coming from the group.

It was a great question, and I wanted to say something but I did not. The clergy leading the bible study gave a great answer, very much in line to what I was thinking.

Since I did not give an answer to the question, I want to give you the reader my answer.

There several things I would say:

No one knows the hour or the day when Jesus will return.

Mark 13:28-32 talks about “the necessity for watchfulness” these few verses capture what we should be doing while we wait. Vs. 32 sums up what our mindset should be, and that it is GOD alone to know when Jesus will return. The reason most people ask the question about Jesus return is that we feel personally that we are not ready for his return. Some of us also feel we have to be perfect people. Friends there was only one perfect man, and that was Jesus. You and I will never be perfect as long as we are of flesh and blood. “Original sin” by Adam made sure that will never be. David said after one of his great sin, while begging for God forgiveness said: “I was born in sin and conceived in iniquity. ”He was appealing for consideration of the face that sin was in him from his birth. Here was a man like you and I. A man who fought many internal personals demons all his life. Yet God used him for the building of God’s kingdom.

Often we worry about the wrong things. I rule that I always follow that I learn from the bible is “Not to worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of its own.” “Worrying is bringing tomorrow trouble into today’s trouble” There will always be war and rumors of war, it was like that in the past, and it will be so in the future. These situation is not a surprises to GOD.

Here are just a few things to think about before you start asking the question when will Jesus return?

1. How is your relationship with your heavenly father?

2. Do you have a prayer life? This is an excellent time to ask some of those questions that you have been thinking about.

3. Always give GOD time to answer your questions, and that mean you have to lessen, and not just talk in those private moments.

4. Do you have a private space or time that you can have these candid conversations? Some time we get too busy, if you want answers you have to prioritize spending time with God.

5. GOD uses all thing to work for his good.

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