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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Unlike other major cities, Miami does not have a designated neighborhood for Asians. Institutions like The University of Miami and Florida International University have been attracted options to Asian college students looking for an American education. International companies also attract foreign transplants from all over. 

At Faith and Joy Church, we are always offer support, fellowship, and counseling to a transient Asian and Christian community. Sometimes a meal is enough to comfort someone who is homesick. 

Our nascent online ministry seeks to reach out to Christians all over the world, regardless of where they may be. Because of our transient community, brothers and sisters return home to an oppressive environment. Our videos, streams, and online materials serve as a source of Light to a world of darkness.

We cannot do this alone and need your help to continue our ministries. You can reach us at for more information or if you'd like to help. 

ways you can donate:



Visit our church and see what we are doing. Chat with us and let us know just how you wish to help. 


E-mail us or click the link below to support us online through our website. Any amount goes a long way. 



Contact us if you'd like to help out in some other way. Volunteerism is as important as financial support. 

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