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  • Newton Fairweather

Do you pray before you go to bed?

Do you pray when you first get up in the morning? The little things matter.

If you are like me, I often say my prayers and read my bible before bed. From time to time, I would find myself falling asleep while praying. I could not figure it out. Why was I falling asleep so quickly? Especially when I was trying to pray? Sometimes, I would even fall asleep on my knees, waking up hours later on the side of the bed, still on my knees. Has this ever happened to you? How did I solve this problem? The most significant change was to prioritize my prayer time. I believe that prayer changes things. The Bible says, “That a man should always pray.” This resulted in going to bed earlier. I also merge my bible reading with my prayers by using some bible verses as my nightly prayers.

I was intentional about what and who I prayed for. This list would include family, friends, business, the country, etc. The most important thing was to follow the Lord's prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13. Focusing in on “Thy Will Be Done..”

The payoff was I felt fresher in the morning; I would rise early in the morning to go jogging and walking in the park. Something should be said about starting your day with early morning prayer. It is a different experience when it is quiet and the early morning is transitions into the day. “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” You feel a part of God’s creation of that day. One thing I began to do and have continued to do is to use those moments to set the tone of the day. I thank God for watching over me and asking for guidance and wisdom in whatever the day may bring. Often, we overlook the simple and little things. But let us learn to give thanks in all things. Make your nightly prayer a lifestyle, just like you do the most essential things in your life. Honor God in your prayer time.

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